The School of Histories, Languages and Cultures is delighted to announce its membership of the European Students’ Association for Cultural Heritage (ESACH).

2018 has been designated the European Cultural Heritage Year by the European Commission. In response the year’s thematic focus of “Sharing Heritage”, ESACH aims to raise awareness of all forms of cultural heritage within European universities’ communities. At the heart of the network is the understanding that heritage is made up of local stories, which together make up the history of Europe.

As the UK City of Culture 2017, Hull has been showcasing the breadth and depth of its culture and heritage by celebrating local stories on a national level. 2018 as the European Cultural Heritage Year is another opportunities to explore, interrogate, and share this cultural heritage on a European platform.

At the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures, we place culture and heritage at the heart of what we do. Encompassing five subject areas – American Studies, Archaeology, History, Modern Languages, and Philosophy – our research and teaching explores what it means to live in the world today, by investigating the past and examining how we express our current condition.

We will be organising and showcasing a wide range of events in conjunction with ESACH. There are three core strands to ESACH@Hull which will run through all the subject areas in the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures.

  1. Academic staff will be presenting research at national and international conferences.
  2. The student body will be playing an active role in exploring how local cultural heritage in a global and transnational context.
  3. Public events will include film screenings and schools’ events.

Content and events will be added to the website throughout the year. Keep checking back or sign-up for regular updates.




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